Take a seat - a beginners guide to meditation


Module 1: Introduction to Meditation
In our first module, we seek to define meditation. We explore the concept in its historical context alongside its modern-day application.
Module 2: Styles and Techniques

Here we learn about various methods of meditation. Our shifting moods and experiences mean that we may have to adapt our practice to better fit our needs. An awareness of different approaches strengthens our ability to self-soothe.

Module 3: Practical Guidance
This module offers ways to prepare for meditation, instructor-led sessions, and guidance on establishing your personal meditation routine
Module 4: Integration and Reflection
Incorporating mindfulness practice into daily life and how to use a journal as an extension of your meditation practice.
Module 5: Course Conclusion and Next Steps
A summary of key concepts and insights for further practice.

Bonus Materials

Bonus 1: Mindfulness in Motion (Asana)

Bonus 2: Guided Audio Meditations