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The Affiya Effect
Owner & Founder

Registered Yoga Instructor
Accredited by Yoga Alliance
Licensed Meditation Coach and Sound Therapist.

What is The Affiya Effect?

“Affiya” a word found in both Swahili and Arabic languages embodies the concept of good health and healing. In Arabic, it signifies being free from illness, grief, and all mental, physical, or spiritual, afflictions. The Quran wisely imparts, “Ask Allah for Affiya, for you cannot be given anything better.” In recognition of the healing essence of Affiya, this space is dedicated to exploring this holistic philosophy. As we begin to integrate Affiya into specific aspects of our lives, its influence becomes the catalyst for transformation in other areas of our lives.
Thus, we experience … The Affiya Effect!

The Affiya Effect Founder.

I’m a registered 500hr yoga instructor accredited by Yoga Alliance, and a licensed meditation coach and sound therapist. Drawing from ancient wisdom traditions like Egyptian spirituality, Vedic science, Taoist philosophies and The Holy Scriptures of South London, my offerings (yoga classes, sound sessions, workshops, events) are infused with timeless insights that are relatable to today’s modern lifestyles.

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